The purpose of FIAR-NET is to make significant in-roads into the promotion of collaborative industry and academic research in the area of faults. This is an ambitious goal – we are mindful of the challenges that FIAR-NET faces in bringing the communities together in this way. Firstly, industry fault data is highly sensitive and this is a major obstacle to collaboration. Secondly, the goals of industry are often set in the short-term, whereas academic goals are usually in the longer-term. Thirdly, the statistical, analytical and data mining techniques used in some academic studies complement, rather than overlap those used in industry, so many methodological issues need to be overcome. Finally, industry usually has different aims and objectives from a purely research-driven perspective. That said, we believe that the core group of FIAR-NET academic and industry members, together with the detailed program of work has the ability and experience to overcome these challenges.



This research network is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of the UK under grant reference: EP/N011627/1